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Dandie Dinmonts at Anston





Dandie Dinmont Terriers date back to the 1600s and were known as Mustard and Pepper terriers. They took their current name from a novel by Sir Walter Scott written in 1814.  They were primarily used for hunting badgers and otters in the border regions between Scotland and England and by gypsies, poachers and farmers for killing vermin. 

Dandies are now more commonly companion dogs.  They are very intelligent, friendly, good with children, affectionate, independent but stubborn.  They make excellent watch dogs and are extremely loyal.

Dandies are small dogs, about 20-28cms tall (8-10”), weigh around 10kg and live 12-15 years.  They require frequent exercise and enjoy chasing sticks and balls. Regular brushing is necessary and occasional plucking of dead hair gives them an excellent coat.  

This breed is in decline and is now recognised as a vulnerable breed by the Kennel Club.  A vulnerable breed is any dog that has fewer than 300 pups registered in a year.  Dandie pups registered in 2011 were 98,  and 2012 has slightly increased to 120.












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